A Short Note on “The Big Short”

There comes a point about halfway through Adam McKay’s housing crisis comedy/drama “The Big Short” during which the audience is whole-heartedly rooting for the collapse of the American housing market. Our three disparate bands of financial heroes have each seen the terrible truth and bet big on what we, the audience, already know to be true – Wall Street is full of toxic, corrupt liars and they are wrong. We gleefully cheer along with our characters waiting for the fated and vindicating payday. Continue reading


My Top 10 of 2015

Another Great Year for Movies: Top 10 of 2015

2015 was a great year for film! I feel as though this is said every year around this time. I certainly said it last year and the year before. And while not every year is equal (they can’t all be 2007) my impression has been that every year we are given genuine all-time great movies that I will return to years down the line. That in mind, it’s kind of useless to say that any given year was a great year. Rather, let’s simply recall that art is a gift and an act of bravery and we ought to be grateful that it’s here.

These were some of my favorite films of the last year. As usual, I do not rank them because picking favorites is hard enough so they are presented in alphabetical order. (The number ten seems to be getting bigger every year. This year it got up to thirteen!) Continue reading